Inspiring young people

to become the best versions of themselves

It's not all about grades.

Skills and mindset matter. A lot.

In the next phase of life, your grades and university degree will open the first door – but your skills and mindset will determine how well you do in your career and life.  


What we teach helps people not only develop the rights skills and mindset, but also to discover their direction, set their goals, and define their action plan. When people know what they need to do and how to do it well, they take action and start to shape their own future.

Founder's Story

Dr Camille Koppen

First Class BA & PhD Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford
Management Consulting | Financial Services | Global Experience
Oxford Tutor | Corporate Trainer 

"Through my experiences, I gained skills and insights that enabled me to progress in my own career. I also developed a clear and accurate understanding of what organisations look for in their people, and what young people can do to position themselves to succeed.

I've drawn together my expertise from teaching, academia and my corporate career to create Brightwings courses and camps that give young people the insight and skills to achieve their goals. "

How we made them

Our courses work so well because we carefully match the needs of each age-group with the skills and insights that will bring them the most benefit. They have been created from good insight, intelligence and experience: 

  • Our experiences, from teaching, academia, and our corporate careers

  • The latest advances in behavioural science, self-development and business

  • Intelligence from reports and through networking on future employment and skills

  • Powerful insight from our Oxford University interns, teenage work experience students, our alumni, as well as our own data from global surveys


How we make it stick

Our principles are all about ensuring people can put the skills and insight into practice immediately and use what they learn to help them achieve their personal goals.

Personalised Outcomes

Students discover their values, unique strengths and aspirations. They use these insights to set their goals and action plan.

The Right Environment

We create a supportive and engaging environment. This produces the right state of mind that accelerates learning.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Students get lots of practice and feedback so they develop competency in the skills.

Community & Collaboration

Students leave with a network and a group of friends who will continue to support each other on their journey.


Our goal is to create long-lasting, positive change. We empower young people to achieve personal, meaningful outcomes for themselves.