Inspiring your children

to become the best versions of themselves.

The privilege and challenge of being a parent

Dr Camille Koppen

First Class BA & PhD Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford
Management Consulting | Financial Services | Global Experience
Oxford Tutor | Corporate Trainer 

It was only when we became parents ourselves, to a cheerful and inquisitive little girl, that we realised what a privilege and a challenge it is to be a parent. You make care deeply about your child's future. You want them to grow up to be financially independent, resilient, and be happy and successful in both their career and life. And you realise what a competitive world they will be entering.

Through my activities, I've come to realise how much our current generation of students worry about the future and feel the pressure. The skills and insights we teach help them to address their main obstacles which are procrastination (mostly due to distractions), a lack of direction, and not knowing where to start or how to progress. We help them to develop a resilient, proactive mindset that will help them to deal with the challenges they will face.

Our goal is to give you child the skills and insights to address their specific needs, and the confidence and motivation to help them achieve their goals. The growth that we see in the teenagers we teach is inspiring and elating. And that's why we do this!

Beyond just grades, your child needs

future skills and a resilient mindset

When your child finishes their education, they will be entering a very competitive and fluid global marketplace. They need to be adaptable and prove that they can add value from Day 1.

It's worth the investment. Equipping your child with these skills and mindset will both boost their future prospects as well as bringing immediate benefits to their current lives (academic success, applications, time management). Giving them a head start will increase their confidence and motivation to use their time productively to achieve their goals.


The outcomes you can expect

The outcomes that you can expect for your child are:

Interest in

Business & Careers

Your child will deeply appreciate developing their business awareness. This will empower them to independently research the areas they are interested in.



Your child will be proactive in taking action and make better use of their time.



Your child will come out with a set of goals and an action plan that you can support them with. Our alumni go on to take action and achieve meaningful outcomes for themselves.



Your child will improve in creative and structured thinking, time management and will understand how to optimise their environment, brain, and timings for learning. They will also learn first class revision, memorisation and essay writing techniques.


Confidence in their abilities and the growth mindset to realise they have the ability to improve in whatever they focus on.


& Mental Health

Maintaining good mental health is crucial, especially during periods of challenge or change (e.g. exams, starting a new school, university or starting your career). 


Your child will learn how to adapt to different cultures which is crucial skill for anyone looking to study or work abroad, or to work at a global company. 



Your child will have a lot of fun and make new friends

What is the experience like?

Engaging & Practical

Your child will put things into practice. Throughout the sessions, your child will get multiple opportunities to lead, present, and to practice and hone their new skills. You may be surprised at how much they will grow.


Personal Growth & Insight

Your child will experience a journey as they gain fresh and useful insights into themselves, push themselves out of their comfort zone, and set goals and actions to shape their future.

Supportive & Friendly

We create an environment which creates generosity and collaboration between students as they work together to develop themselves and each other.

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