Equip yourself with the skills and insight 

to start your career and life on the right foot

Beyond just your degree, you need to invest in yourself

to do well in life

You probably already realise how incredibly competitive it is out there. Entry-level graduate jobs require you to come armed with experience, skills, and the ability to add value from Day 1. Yet, the path to internship and job offers is often strewn with countless rejections (without feedback). There is so much you need to learn and build, but how do you ensure you're investing your efforts in the right things?

Our courses give you a holistic and strategic way to develop yourself for the next phase of your life. Whatever your goals and ability level, you will come away from our courses with a sharper set of immediately applicable skills and insight, and a clearer understanding of your direction and how to get there.

If you want to equip yourself to achieve your goals, then Brightwings courses are for you.

What you will learn

You'll learn incredibly useful insights and skills that normally take people years to learn (if they ever do). These will be useful to you now and for your whole life and career.




You will gain confidence in your abilities, especially leadership and public speaking, and your capacity to grow even further.


You will hone your existing strengths and learn incredibly useful new skills that you can use straight away.


You will gain insight to help you realise your goals, direction and strategy. And you understand 
the practical steps you need to take to get there.



You will develop a solid skill-set and mindset to build you up for entrepreneurship now or in the future.


You will have a sharper understanding of your unique strengths and skill-set and how you can communicate this best in your interactions and applications.


You will gain a network of competent, like-minded people who will support you on your onward journey


Applications & Interviews

You will be able to make clear, compelling applications (for internships, jobs, and scholarships) that will get you interviews.


This depends 100% on your own follow through. Our alumni take steps to fulfil their action plans and create meaningful outcomes for themselves.

What you will be able to do

Be an exceptional leader


Interview well

Manage your personal brand

Be a convincing, engaging speaker

Think creatively

Communicate and network skilfully

Make the right decisions in life

Be a versatile, value-adding team player

Write winning applications

Be truly productive with your time

Set meaningful goals

Manage projects successfully

Build a compelling CV

Maintain your mental health

Build an action plan

What's it like

Engaging & Practical

You will put things into practice. Throughout the sessions, you will get multiple opportunities to lead, present, and to practice and hone your new skills


Personal Growth & Insight

You will experience a journey as you gain fresh and useful insights into yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and set goals and actions to shape your own future.

Supportive & Friendly

We create an environment which will create generosity and collaboration between you and your peers as you work together to improve yourself and each other.

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