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13-15 year olds
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Before I joined the Brightwings Course, I encountered many problems involving time management, studying effectively, and being productive. After attending the course, I am inspired to prioritise my goals and gain more work experience. I have been doing public speaking related events since 2014 and, despite the fact that I have a lot of experience, I still learnt new thing about how to present yourself to an audience, observe and read the audience, and many other ways to sound more interesting and engage your audience easily. The people who ran the course are really humble, honest, and were friendly to each other and to the participants. I had a lot of fun learning from them and I strongly believe that it was worth my time and money. 
Ethan, 14

C0450.MP4.06_59_28_27.Still001 Chloe pre

Brightwings taught me a lot in the span of the course. It teaches everything that schools don't normally cover, from working in a team to understanding myself more. I would recommend it to students of all ages that are mature enough.
Chloe, 13

Female Student

Brightwings has taught me a lot of skills that I will use until the day I die. They have exposed me to the real world and taught me how to have good leadership skills, presentation skills as well as teamwork. Even though I already have some of these skills, Brightwings allowed me to push my boundaries and find out a part of me that I never knew before.
Saasmita, 15


It was a fun, energetic and unique course. A very huge thank you to Dr Camille and her team for organising this course in Malaysia. It helped me understand myself more and at the same time make unforgettable memories with my friends. It was a wonderful experience.
Mandee, 14


A very, very, very huge thank you to the course leaders. I found this course very interesting and helpful. Honestly, this is the best course I've been to… other courses I've been to were boring and not much fun. I really liked this course because it was very educational. It showed us how to get onto the road to success... the games were different and fun… and it also gave me a hint of what I am going to do in the future. 


When it was time to go home at the end of every day, I wished I could stay longer. I really do hope there will be another course organised by Brightwings in the future. It's really fun! I love Brightwings!
Victoria, 14


I deeply appreciated this Brightwings course for the students because it gave us the experience of learning new skills, understanding ourselves and understanding others. It was also a great opportunity to make new friends from different parts of Malaysia. Thank you for everything you have planned for us. I think that people who sign up for this would will definitely be happy, think it is fun and feel energised. I can describe this course as a "3M moment" (Memorable, Magical, Meaningful) because all of us supported each other. We are really looking forward to having another class in Ipoh again.
Alvin, 15

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