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Engaging virtual training that inspires personal growth

Help your researchers to build their influence and impact

Give your students the skills and mindset to thrive in their future careers

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COVID-19 Update

Our training has always been valued for the personal growth and career skills it builds, and the interactive and meaningful way we do it.


Since lockdown, university departments are starting to appreciate how much of a sense of community and connectedness our trainings create. Our trainings bring people together and helped with their mental health.


Get in touch, we can help you to connect and strengthen your community.

Confidence | Self-Awareness | Emotional Intelligence | Resilience | Growth Mindset | Adaptability | Curiosity |
Leadership | Public Speaking | Creativity | Networking | Influence and persuasion | Career Navigation
Productivity and Time Management | Project Management | Networking | Business Awareness

What you will get


For Researchers

Your researchers will be able to drive more innovation, spread and communicate their ideas, and influence their fields.

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For Students

Your students will find their direction. And they will build the skills and mindset for a fulfilling, successful career - whatever path they choose.

Our Services

Single-day courses

We train students and researchers at top universities. Our courses are effective, enjoyable, and drive tangible outcomes. We can also create customised trainings for you (of any duration) based on the key outcomes you aspire to.

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Successful researcher: Influence, credibility and impact
Leadership, collaboration and emotional intelligence
Presentation skills: Be an engaging, compelling speaker
Presentation skills: Awesome slides that resonate with your audience
Presentation Skills: Inspire and impact your audience
Networking and elevator pitches
Brilliant project management for researchers
Become truly productive and strategic with your time 
Find your direction and navigate your career
Transitioning to a non-academic career
Core leadership and entrepreneurial skills: How to increase your influence, credibility and impact
Remote teaching and lecturing: Impact and engage your students

Multi-day courses

Our most impactful courses are our multi-day courses, where participants can benefit from the synergies from the multiple skills they learn and form strong relationships within their cohort. Additionally, it is more efficient - you can run fewer days training and gain broader and deeper personal development.

Future Fit Course
for Undergraduates

You will build soft skills and a resilient mindset geared for growth that will prepare you for a successful career, whether in academia or industry. This course will help you to:

  • Discover where you want to go, what you need to do, and how to get there

  • Build the key skills you need for your career

  • Write winning CVs and applications for internships and jobs

  • Interview convincingly

  • Become an effective leader that people will love to work for

  • Be a versatile team player

  • Present confidently and engagingly

  • Manage your time productively and make things happen - on time, to budget, and according to your goals

  • Communicate and network skilfully

  • Think creatively and innovate

  • And more...

Research Accelerator Course for Graduates and Researchers
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You will build soft skills and a resilient mindset geared for growth that will prepare you for a successful career, whether in academia or industry. This course will help you to:

  • Discover where you want to go, what you need to do, and how to get there

  • Build the key skills you need for your career, whichever path you choose

  • Transition to a non-academic career or entrepreneurship

  • Write winning CVs and applications and interview well

  • Present confidently and convincingly in a range of contexts (lectures, conferences, teaching, meetings)

  • Build strong working relationships with your supervisor, colleagues, potential collaborators, and students

  • Run successful, well-organised projects that deliver your goals on time and within budget (including your thesis)

  • Think creatively and innovate

  • Manage your time productively

  • And more...

Set up and Pricing

Set up: Our courses are currently run as live online training using Zoom. The sessions are extremely interactive, energetic, and engaging. After lockdown, we will also run courses in person.
Logistics: Maximum class size: 24
Pricing for full day courses:
  • £1,000 (plus VAT) per day - In-person training
  • £850 (plus VAT) per day - Live Zoom training
Pricing for half day courses:
  • £525 (plus VAT) per half day - In-person training
  • £450 (plus VAT) per half day - Live Zoom training
Discounts available if you book multiple training sessions.
Get in touch, we would love to speak with you.

Case studies

Environmental Research Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), University of Oxford

Brightwings trained 16 Environmental Research DTP PhD students in how to be engaging, confident speakers.


Feedback from the students was outstanding. Course rating was 4.9/5, there were statistically significant improvements in 18 measures of presentation skills (paired t-tests, p<0.05), and there was improved bonding between participants.


The most striking result was that within 1 year of attending the course, 25% of the students had won a speaking prize or conference award for their presentations.

Minimalist Staircase
Minimalist Staircase

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Earth Sciences asked Brightwings to run a series of trainings for the department. The courses started at the cusp of lockdown and PhD students through to associate professors have benefitted from attending the courses.


The department has received very positive feedback from the participants. While participants found the training very valuable for the insights and skills, it also helped them to feel motivated and connected. They still meet up to continue their development and strengthen their relationships even after the courses have finished.

Oxford Earth Sciences-173158.jpg

Oxford Foundry (University of Oxford's Entrepreneurial Centre)

Brightwings ran a Leadership Day training for 20 student society presidents to give them tools and insight to lead effectively and drive valuable, positive action.

There was strong positive feedback from the course. The student society presidents particularly valued being able to bond and network with each other.


See the video from the Oxford Foundry course >

Oxford Foundry-4963.jpg
Oxford Foundry-4963.jpg

Testimonials from students and researchers

Frankie Portrait-4.jpg

My week with Brightwings Education was by far the most useful training course of my PhD. It is so different from other courses because it actually works! You leave Brightwings feeling thoroughly enriched and with a better understanding of yourself and how to work effectively and efficiently in a professional environment.

Frankie, DPhil student, University of Oxford
Outcome stories

Our alumni are motivated to go out and achieve their goals. Watch the videos to hear their stories.

Frankie (DPhil student at the University of Oxford)

Georgia (Undergraduate at the University of Oxford)

Yi Yun (Undergraduate at the University of Oxford)