Hands-on, engaging learning experiences
that drive long-term outcomes

Brightwings Camps (non-residential) for 13 year olds through to pre-university in the UK, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Tailored Courses

Our camps are designed to stretch participants beyond their comfort zone and to give them a strong basis on which to build further. Choose the one that best matches your goals and capabilities.

Early Risers

13–16 years old, 5 ½ days

This camp helps participants to:

  • Start to discover their direction

  • Develop self-awareness, make good decisions, set goals, and make an action plan

  • Organise and manage their time productively to handle the increasing workload in senior school

  • Build good relationships with friends, family and new people

  • Gain confidence to speak up at school

  • Learn first class study skills to achieve their full potential in exams

  • Build a good foundation of the key skills that will help them in their life and future career

University Ready

17–Pre-university, 5 days plus one evening session

This camp helps participants to:

  • Discover their direction and understand their options

  • Develop self-awareness, make good decisions, set goals, and make an action plan for their future career

  • Learn practical life skills for university and independent living (e.g. budgeting)

  • Manage their time productively to handle the university workload and pressure

  • Adapt to new cultures when studying abroad

  • Study independently and productively at university

  • Build a strong foundation of skills for their future career

  • Write winning applications and CVs

  • Interview confidently and convincingly

Bright Risers

16–17 years old, 5 ½ days

This camp helps participants to:

  • Discover their direction and understand their options

  • Develop self-awareness, make good decisions, set goals, and make an action plan

  • Start to prepare for life after school 

  • Manage their time productively to handle their increasing workload and pressure

  • Learn how to get the most out of work experience placements

  • Build a good foundation of skills for a strong CV

  • Learn first class study skills to achieve their full potential in exams

  • Write compelling university and scholarship applications

  • Interview confidently and convincingly

How the courses work

We apply the following three areas to participants' goals:

Participants unlock fresh, sharp insights that help them to:

  • ​Find their direction and set goals

  • Identify their unique strengths and values

  • Make good decisions

  • Develop a resilient, success mindset

  • Understand their preferences and behavioural tendencies

  • And more…


Topics include: Values, Self-evaluation, 360° peer-to-peer feedback, Goal-setting, Decision-making, and others


(employability, entrepreneurial, and life skills)

Participants build key skills that help them to:

  • Lead effectively

  • Present confidently

  • Interact with others engagingly and skilfully

  • Manage their time and be productive

  • Study effectively and independently

  • Think creatively and innovate

  • And more…


Topics include: Teamwork, Leadership, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Creativity & Critical Thinking, First-Class Study Skills, Networking, and others


a first-class skill-set

Participants learn where they want to go, what they need to do, and how to get there. They learn to:

  • Understand how businesses work (which will spark their interest) and research what they want to do

  • Make strong applications for schools, scholarships, universities and beyond

  • Start building the skills and experiences for a strong start in life


Topics include: Gaining business awareness, CVs, Applications and Interview skills

Future Navigation: A map and a strategy

Course Schedule

The courses run from approximately 9am-5pm each day with two breaks and lunch.

Upon registration, participants will receive a breakdown of the specific modules that will be taught throughout the week. 

Journey Principles

Practice the core skills from Day 1 - From Day 1, participants learn the core skills (presenting, leading, and teamwork), put them into practice immediately and build them throughout the course 


Giving immediate, constructive feedback - This is key to making progress. Participants learn how to give and receive feedback constructively. We practice this throughout the course and end with a 360° feedback session with peers


Planning the next steps – On the penultimate day, participants evaluate themselves, receive feedback from their peers, create an action plan, and celebrate the progress they have made. It is the final and most important step because this will drive the actions that will help participants to create successful futures for themselves


Every module builds upon previous learnings - Participants get many opportunities to practice and hone their new skills. The more skills and self-awareness they gain, the more they can fine-tune and deepen their skills.


Building a supportive network - Participants make friends easily because they'll be working together with all members of the class to achieve meaningful things together


Presentations for parents – The parents will hear from the course lead and every participant themselves about what they have learnt, how they have benefited, and what their next steps will be. Parents will also receive specific advice on how they can help their child progress beyond this



Each participant will receive their own workbook which contains course notes and sections to capture:

  • Course notes

  • Self-evaluation and feedback from peers

  • Individual goals and action plans

  • Self-awareness insights and personal brand – which will feed into their school, university or scholarship applications and future CVs

  • Assessment of how to make the learnings applicable to studies, applications, family relationships and friendship groups, and future direction

What is the experience like?

Engaging & Practical

Participants put things into practice. Throughout the sessions, every participant will get multiple opportunities to lead, present, and to practice and hone their new skills. They will be surprised at how much they grow.


Personal Growth & Insight

Participants will experience a journey as they gain fresh and useful insights into themselves, push themselves out of their comfort zone, and set goals and actions to shape their future.

Supportive & Friendly

We create an environment which creates generosity and collaboration between participants as they work together to develop themselves and each other.


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