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Make your school agile and ready for the future

Prepare your students for life beyond school

Our services

Strategy & Consulting

We help envision and execute your strategy for becoming agile and ready for the future.


Integrated Future-Ready programme tailored for your school

We will collaborate with you to build a comprehensive Future-Ready programme that help you achieve your vision. It will be taught by your teachers and integrate seamlessly with your Academic, Co-curricular, Careers and University, Development Office, and other activities.


Skills and Mindset training

We offer highly engaging and effective training for both your students, as well as professional and personal development for your teachers and Development Office staff.

Past events for schools

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Workplace (Panellist)

Radley College Alumni Event organised by Radleian Society
London, UK

Radley College.png

Future-Ready Talk

Marlborough College Upper Sixth year group
Marlborough, UK


Oxbridge Skills Training

Ursuline High School
60% success rate for students invited for interviews who attended the training
Wimbledon, UK

Ursuline schoolLogo.png
Strategy & Consulting

We offer professional strategy and consulting services for schoolswho want to make the strategic and operational changes necessary to their schools to prepare their students for the future. We place importance on the human side of change – as we believe that it is vital to bring your staff on the journey, to gain their buy-in and engagement, and to leverage their passion and contributions.

Integrated programme
  • Imagine being confident that you are providing your students with all the skills and insight they need for their future beyond school. 

  • Imagine have a tailored skills programme, that your teachers can teach anytime, anyplace, which integrates seamlessly with all of your other activities where the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Imagine having the capability to provide work experience (short projects) for groups of students or alumni during the holidays and get real, tangible insights and value from their work for your school.

  • Imagine being able to provide parents with quantifiable measures of how their sons and daughters are progressing with the skills they need for the future.


We can collaborate with you to create this. 

Skills and Mindset training
What we teach


We offer highly effective, well-research content that drives real outcomes. We can tailor it to fit your needs. 


All modules can be tailored for staff.


Crystal clear


You will unlock fresh, sharp insights that help you to:

  • Find your direction, set the right goals, and make as action plan

  • Build a compelling personal brand

  • Deepen your empathy and emotional intelligence

  • Make good decisions

Module breakdown:

  • Self-awareness

  • Personal brand (including values, personal strengths, personal narrative)

  • Cultural dimensions

  • Tendencies and behaviours (including cultural dimensions)

  • Decision-making

  • 360° peer-to-peer feedback

  • Self-evaluation

  • Goal-setting


Mindset geared for


Your mindset drives your actions and the future you create for yourself. You will develop:

  • Personal resilience

  • Growth mindset and adaptability

  • Curiosity

  • Positivity

Module breakdown:

  • As above


Advanced soft skills

(entrepreneurial and professional skills)

You will develop advanced human skills that will enable you to:

  • Become exceptional leaders and team players

  • Present confidently and engagingly

  • Think creatively and innovate

  • Communicate, network and manage stakeholders skilfully

  • Manage your time effectively

  • Sell, influence and tell stories that make an impact

Module breakdown:

  • Teamwork and leadership

  • Presentation skills

  • Project management

  • Creativity

  • Networking

  • Selling

  • Productivity

  • University skills

  • How to inspire and drive action which you teach*

  • Storytelling*

  • Stakeholder management and relationship building (credibility, trust, rapport, connection, influence)*


A map and a strategy

You will discover where you want to go, what you need to do, and how to get there. You gain skills and insights to:

  • Understand how businesses work and research what you want to do

  • Be successful in your applications

  • Start building the right set of skills and experiences for the best start in your career

Module breakdown:

  • Active career management and navigation

  • Business awareness

  • Application, cover letters and CVs

  • Interviews

Get in touch with our expert team

We are very happy to have an initial meeting with you to understand your requirements and provide insight.

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