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Testimonials for
Brightwings Courses

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  • Self-Awareness & Your Personal Brand
    Learning about personal branding was a completely new concept for me and I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the course. It was very helpful to use a methodical approach to identify our key values and reflect on who we are as we could then understand exactly how we add value to a team and what we want to get out of life. These tasks are very tricky to do on your own and it is because of the supportive atmosphere that we were able to do this successfully. I have learnt a lot about myself and now have a far clearer image of what I want to get out of my career. Frankie, PhD student, University of Oxford This module built upon our personal interpretations of “success”, including topics such as how to set goals, and how to maintain the required mindset to reach those goals. We also worked on how to create a successful personal brand, and how to manage it. The methods I learned from this module had immediate benefits, noticeably improving both my confidence and motivation. Jonathan, 17
  • Teamwork & Leadership
    Brightwings helped me develop a more nuanced understanding of leadership. Through its focus on self-awareness, the course helped me discover my own already established leadership tendencies, highlighted potential pitfalls, and gave me the invaluable opportunity to receive feedback from trainers and participants. Throughout the course, participants have many a chance to practice various facets of leadership and teamwork, which left me with greater insights into the skills I already have and the skills I want to practice. Angelika, PhD student, University of Oxford This was most definitely one of the most enlightening components of the course. By understanding both different leadership styles and team roles we were able to recognise what makes an effective leader and team player in a range of situations. But what was most useful was practicing what we had learned in a range of team challenges where we could receive constructive feedback and continue to refine these skills all within a week. Frankie, PhD student, University of Oxford Despite having had varied experience as a leader and/or team member in the past few years, I found this in-depth coverage very helpful. It helped make concrete the preferences that people have for one role or another, and taught me more about my strengths and weaknesses, as well as what I might want to improve on in the future. Chloe, Masters student, University of Oxford
  • Public Speaking & Communication
    Before the course I had only ever had a few intermittent, and high pressure, opportunities to practice my public speaking, however, across the week we were given many small and informative chances to practice presenting whilst receiving immediate feedback. This structure allowed me to make substantial progress in a very short period of time which has dramatically reduced my fears and stresses associated with speaking publicly. Alice, Undergraduate, University of Oxford This module was extremely useful covering a broad range of topics, from structure to body language to cross-cultural communication. Learning how to structure a spontaneous speech was, in my opinion, one of the most useful skills taught and meant that I can now confidently talk about anything in a clear, concise manner. Learning how to stand and speak to get your message across most efficiently is also something that I will definitely utilise in the future. The niche topic of cross-cultural communication was also extremely beneficial as it is an essential skill that most courses do not cover but will be indispensable in our increasingly connected global world. Isabelle, 17 I particularly enjoyed the Public Speaking & Communication part of the Brightwings course. The trainers provide both academically-founded and personal insight into the ins and outs of communication. Many short public speaking challenges and instant high-quality feedback throughout the course facilitate instant application of new knowledge and rapid skill development. In my cohort, all participants – even more seasoned communicators – notably improved how they speak in front of an audience and how they give feedback to peers. Angelika, PhD student, University of Oxford The communication sessions really were excellent, and I now feel a lot more confident when speaking in public both during formal presentations and whilst answering interview questions. It has been really helpful to learn how to structure my dialogue and use both my voice and body to convey my message. I strongly believe that the skills developed during these sessions will be extremely useful for the rest of my DPhil and when entering the world of work. Frankie, PhD student, University of Oxford The significance of breathing, the pace of our speech, eye contact, facial expression, gestures, and groundedness were highlighted. I particularly enjoyed the impromptu presentation we made on the spot on a random subject - we were impressed by what people and to say about buckets and chairs! Yi Yun, Undergraduate, University of Oxford The communication exercises, particularly the ones where I had to improvise a speech and really think on my feet, improved my confidence significantly. In the past, I have struggled with public speaking, but the exercises made me feel more comfortable with presenting. Miina, Undergraduate, University of Oxford
  • Creativity & Innovation
    I really appreciate the integration of creativity and innovation into the Brightwings course. Today, creativity is already a key determinant of individual and organisational success across many industries, and this trend will grow over the coming decades. Brightwings introduced me to a range of hitherto unfamiliar tools to facilitate innovative thinking, and it did so in a way that was sensitive to participants' differing professional and personal preferences. Frankie, PhD student, University of Oxford Creativity and innovation was another important topic that we covered. Being able to think out of the box and in a broad a manner as possible will be really important when trying to stand out in a workplace. Activities such as reverse brainstorming really showed a different perspective to thinking creatively, whilst we were given the opportunity to think as creatively as possible through group presentations and self-work. Isabelle, 17 Although it might seem ironic teaching people how to be creative, in fact this was one of my favourite parts of the course. This section allowed to see situations from different viewpoints and to implement strategies I had never tried before. The different “thinking hats” encouraged creativity within the groups and made me develop a new outlook on working within groups. Mary, 16
  • Networking
    The Networking module helped me to visualise my own social network, which emerged much larger than I had ever imagined! We did work on building credibility and further growing our networks, going over many things including conversational techniques. Finally, we simulated everything we had covered in an engaging activity to further aid our learning and reinforce our skills. Jonathan, 17 This part of the course was highly informative as well as highly entertaining. It was presented in a creative format as well as being highly educative. This part of the course not only taught you about different methods of networking such as at events or through ordinary contact but also made you aware of exploiting the networks you already have. Mary, 16 Networking is not something I had learnt about before the course but it is an essential part of life if you want to excel in your profession. With this course, you learn how to use the contacts you already have to your advantage. Natalie, 18
  • Project Management
    This was an area I had practically no knowledge of prior to the course, but I now wish that I’d learnt about project management much sooner. I learnt how to apply project management techniques can make planning of every-day things like revision and birthday parties much easier and more productive. Miina, Undergraduate, University of Oxford I underestimated how valuable this section of the course would be. I now realise that life is a series of little projects and learning how to approach these in a formulaic manner is an essential life skill that will help me become more organised and better at forward thinking. This part of the course will be particularly helpful for dissertations, thesis’ and group work as it enables you to break down a large task into manageable steps to complete a project on time, to a high standard and mitigate problems along the way. Frankie, PhD student, University of Oxford Project management is a daunting term, but the simplicity and interactive methods used throughout the course made the concept, theory, and practical applications of project management both clear and accessible. I never realised that effective management is such a transferable skill that can be used in all parts of my life, both personally and professionally. Alice, Undergraduate, University of Oxford I really enjoyed learning more about project management during the Brightwings course. Well-researched and easy to put into practice, this even helped me manage an event I was running the weekend after the course! Chloe, Masters student, University of Oxford Project Management sessions were fun, challenging and intense. Different models were explored and what we learnt up to that session, such as personal branding, business awareness and public speaking were applied. Yi Yun, Undergraduate, University of Oxford
  • Mental & Physical Health
    One thing I really appreciated about the course was its interest not just in physical health, but also in mental health. Both aspects of our well-being are incredibly important in ensuring that we are happy and ready to take on any work that we might have. Today's world is a stressful one, and incidents of mental health issues are rising, so this is something we definitely need to educate ourselves on, and the Brightwings course helps with that. Chloe, Masters student, University of Oxford
  • Career Navigation / Career Skills
    Brightwings gave me insightful and informative exposure to life in a professional career environment. It opened my eyes to new opportunities and career paths that I had never considered before, and showed me how to use the skills I gained through my education and apply them in a commercial setting. The breadth of experience that the facilitator had brought an invaluable dimension to the course, allowing for directive questioning and reaffirming discussions. Alice, Undergraduate, University of Oxford The approach to business awareness was very straightforward and pragmatic. We got an overview of effective business models, and then learnt how to apply it to real-life companies. I now have a much better understanding of how businesses work, which will be useful when applying for jobs. Miina, Undergraduate, University of Oxford
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