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How does the transaction tax work?

MARS4 Metaverse will have 4% transaction cost. 2% of transaction value will be redistributed to NFT owners, 2% is added to liquidity. For more information, see the Tokenomics section.

How do I collect revenue?

Just mint an NFT and hold on to it. Simply owning an NFT will add MARS4 to your wallet every time a transaction happens on MARS4 Metaverse. For more information, see the NFT Economy section.

How do I make sure I do not get scammed?

Use only our official website and Telegram platform. Be sure our team will never contact you personally with any questions, proposals or requests. If you receive any of that report and block these users immediately.

What is the official smart contract address?

You can find instructions and smart contract address in the instructions page https://mars4.me/instructions Mars Land NFT on Ethereum: https://etherscan.io/address/0xdf9Aa1012Fa49DC1d2a306e3e65EF1797d2b5fBb ERC20 on Ethereum: https://etherscan.io/address/0x16CDA4028e9E872a38AcB903176719299beAed87

How do I buy Mars4?

To find out more on purchasing Mars Land NFTs visit our NFT Sale page. To find out more on purchasing MARS4 Tokens visit our Token Sale page.

What are the benefits of owning a land plot and MARS4 dollars?

First of all, the main advantage to owning land plots is the yield that was built into them. In other words, passive income will be earned by Mars landlords simply by holding the lots. Secondly, as our Mars Land are traditional NTF tokens they can be traded on any market place just like a normal NFT. Don’t forget that the value of NFT could also be increased by terraforming the lot.
The next stage will be renting, leasing and subleasing, then splitting and subdividing so you can sell off smaller parcels of your land as new, separate NFTs to new owners. For the future, MARS4 visualises terraforming features that refer to initially developing and enhancing the land with space stations, oxygen production facilities, greenhouses to grow food and everything else you can imagine as Mars becomes more liveable. In the economy on Mars everything will be available for MARS4 dollars. You can purchase additional value-enhancing avatars, certificates, and logos from in-game assets feature.
For Mars Land NFTs check our NFT Sale page.
For MARS4 dollars check our Token Sale page.