Brightwings provides an incredible space for personal growth and teamwork. We had the opportunity to prioritise the values we treasure most and think about how they influence and reflect what we do and want to do, and vice versa. We got to shape our own working environment, making it conducive for constructive feedback and allow each voice to be heard. As an aspiring teacher-conductor, I find the holistic approach to the course has equipped me with highly transferable skills - including presentation and analytical skills, teamwork as well as creativity - that would be applied across many disciplines.

Yi Yun, Undergraduate, University of Oxford

Video Testimonial | Outcome Stories (Public Speaking)

Outcome Stories (Personal Brand)

For me, the week felt more like a journey than a course. The modules flowed smoothly from each other and over the week, as a group, we became increasingly more open-minded and aware of both ourselves and each other. The inspiring and informed facilitator introduced and combined many new ideas and concepts. This integrated approach provided a holistic mindset towards success and personal development. The broad and interesting curriculum ignited relevant and topical discussions whilst the activities allowed every individual to take on a range of leadership and team roles. I am sure the skills that I have nurtured over the week will prove invaluable in many aspects of my personal, academic and professional future.

Alice, Undergraduate, University of Oxford Video Testimonial

I really enjoyed the personalised approach of the course. I learnt many new skills, but the focus was always on how I could apply these skills in my life and how they can support me achieve my own goals. I now have a much clearer idea of what I want and how to get there, which, as a recent graduate, is incredibly helpful.

Miina, Undergraduate, University of Oxford Video Testimonial

The course was an invaluable experience to improve myself holistically; its curriculum drew from a unique combination of areas typically taught in isolation. The course was delivered through a combination of activities, lectures and discussions, which kept participants consistently engaged. I appreciated the varied use of large and smaller groups, as well being allocated significant time for introspection. Over the 5 days, I learned a lot about myself from being pushed out of my comfort zone and taking on new challenges. I have come away from the course with a network of new friends, a better understanding of myself and my strengths/areas for improvement, and an action plan that will lead me to my goals.

Wen Yi, Undergraduate, SOAS University of London Video Testimonial