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Super Human Skills Training

We help empower your workforce with human-centric skills and a mindset geared for growth

Turning disruption to your advantage

Technological progress, demographic and social changes, globalisation and labour flexibility are driving fundamental changes in the future of work and the skillset your workforce needs. The new reality is that organisations have an imminent need for upskilling and reskilling - according to a recent World Economic Forum report, 54% of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling in just three years.

The good news is that your opportunity to create competitive advantage through your workforce has never been greater.

Human-centric skills and a mindset geared for growth are the key qualities to build in your workforce. That’s what we specialise in.
We deliver engaging impactful training experiences, tailored for your organisation, that will help your workforce to thrive.

Training courses

Training capabilities

Brightwings trains professionals across the globe. Our courses are highly effective and enjoyable and drive tangible outcomes. See selected courses below:

£1,500 (plus VAT) per day
Up to 20 participants
Build a resilient mindset geared for continuous learning and personal growth. Develop clear self-awareness and emotional intelligence – the foundations for all human-centric skills

Mindset Geared for Growth

1 day

£1,500 (plus VAT) per day
Up to 20 participants

Increase your influence, credibility, and impact and actively manage how you are perceived by others. Network skilfully and develop productive relationships with your network

Personal Brand and Networking

1 day

£1,500 (plus VAT) per day
Up to 20 participants

Develop strong working relationships with stakeholders based on trust, credibility, and connection. Build influence and impact to create the outcomes you aspire to

Advanced Stakeholder Management

1- 1.5 days

£1,500 (plus VAT) per day
Up to 16 participants

Develop the confidence, emotional intelligence and ability to engage, inspire, and drive action through your presentations. Design your presentations and slides to resonate with the audience to transform them. Use storytelling to make a lasting impact

Present with Presence and Impact

1 day

£1,500 (plus VAT) per day
Up to 16 participants

Develop the self-awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence to sell consultatively and create value for your customer. Use storytelling to influence and create a narrative that resonates with them

Storytelling and Consultative Selling

1 day

£1,500 (plus VAT) per day
Up to 20 participants

Develop the self-awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence to inspire your team and create an environment where you can harness their passions and bring out the best in them. You will be able to lead, inspire and drive action that meets your strategic goals

Leading with Empathy and Self-Awareness

1 day

Our services

Customised courses

From the skills and outcomes lists below, we can create customised solutions that will help you to equip your workforce:


Growth Mindset
Learning to Learn
Curiosity and Creativity


Personal Brand
Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
Leadership and Teamwork
Presentation Skills
Stakeholder Management
Persuasion and Influence
Project Management
Consultative selling

Case studies


A Business Transformation team within HSBC asked Brightwings to create a human-centric skills training programme to upskill their global team (1500+ people across 8 locations) with both skills (advanced stakeholder management, storytelling and self-awareness) and mindset (growth mindset, resilience).

Feedback from the pilot participants was outstanding: The Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the course was 88, there were statistically significant improvements in measures of skills and mindset. The training will be a contributor to achieving the goals of their People Strategy

HSBC Warsaw-1065297551.jpg
HSBC Warsaw-1065297551.jpg



A sterling job; engaging, thorough, practical, innovative and all with your unique engaging style. Very smart investment for us and we hope to call on you again

Client feedback from Director at HSBC overseeing the programme
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