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16-18 year olds
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Brightwings has truly created an indelible mark upon me in the short space of a week. From learning how to create a personal brand in how other people perceive me to learning how to network gracefully, Brightwings created an inspiring and innovative environment to learn in. The appealing topics were thoughtfully spread over the five days meaning I could apply learnt skills to the new challenges facing me. I was able to watch, not only myself, but the whole group flourish and influence each other within the range of amusing activities that helped us grow and develop. Moreover, I was able to hone and utilise previously known skills and learns many new ones that I had never been exposed to, such as business awareness, which I believe will be invaluable to me in any future career I may pursue.
Isabelle, 17 Video Testimonial

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It's given me a real drive... I feel much more motivated to go out and be proactive.
Grace, 16 Video Testimonial

C0262.MP4.05_04_33_08.Still001 Jonathan.

An immense collection of expertise, but so easy to absorb—by the end of the course, I saw a clear step up in my confidence and approach to public speaking. Numerous skills were taught through interactive presentations, each followed by fun yet practical activities. We learned by doing, and did by playing; I met many amazing people, and made some really great friends!
Jonathan, 17 Video Testimonial

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The Brightwings course has made me see so many things from so many different perspectives, and has made me learn more about myself and what would be best for me in the future. I really enjoyed my time throughout the course; the facilitators were friendly and amazing, the participants were fun, and it was overall a great time. I would definitely recommend this course for students my age who are wanting to find out more about themselves and how to work towards a bright future. Thank you, Brightwings! 

Julia, 16

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I found the course to be a great way to both learn new skills and put them into practice. The course was informative but also non-threatening which made it easy to be in a relaxed state while learning. I would recommend it to a friend who wants to develop all round as a person moving to an adult stage of life.
Natalie, 18

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KCS 2018-07-11.jpg

I have made some really good friends that I wouldn’t have befriended without the help of Brightwings. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and get involved. You won’t regret a thing. Brightwings was the stepping stone of who I am today, it gave me confidence and maturity to a degree I never thought possible in just 1 week.
Krystal, 17


The course was fun and interesting. It was easy making friends and I learnt many things and found it very useful. They taught us things from communication, teamwork and leadership to learning our own values and our strengths and weaknesses. I also learnt about business awareness and other things that are relevant to the world of work, such as career management, interviews and employability skills. I found that these things are very helpful to students and will help them to get ready for the outside world. Throughout this course, we did not just listen and write down notes. They taught us and ran many fun activities related to the topics. I found this course fun and would strongly recommend this course for teenagers who want to know more about what they can do in the future. Other than that, I found this course worth my money and time.
Terence, 16

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This course was not like any other boring course. As a student, I have attended courses like this before and not found them beneficial. But Brightwings cater to so many students and I found it helpful to show me about the world of work and the kind of employees employers want to find. They also helped me to develop good skills like networking, communication and creativity. I already feel the difference in me, and I have a clearer vision about my future and what I want to do. All in all, I found that the course really instilled core and important values in me and I can enter the real world with confidence and certainty.
Pravin, 18

This course has allowed me to expand on skills that I already possess as well as develop new ones. Through this course I have improved my public speaking skills as a result of the constant feedback. In addition to this, I became aware of knowledge in certain areas that I hadn’t previously covered such as the world of work and career management. Furthermore, this course has provided me with transferable skills such as leadership and productivity. The skills taught on the course are also highly applicable in everyday life such as project management.
Mary, 16

Julia Nair
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